GMO– A genetically modified organism. GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been transformed/ changed using genetic engineering techniques. Organisms that have been genetically modified include micro-organisms such as bacteria and yeast, insects, plants, fish, and mammals. GMOs are the source of genetically modified foods.…


Veganism – is a practice, a lifestyle, where one stops using any animal products, particularly in diet.  A follower of veganism is known as a Vegan.

Vegans exclude flesh, fish, fowl, dairy products (animal milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, etc.), eggs, honey, animal gelatin, and all other foods of animal origin.

Veganism also excludes animal products such as leather, wool, fur, and silk in clothing, upholstery, etc.…

Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals!

If you are a parent or you would like to educate your friend’s kids ;-), you can request FREE magazine from PETA for kids: “Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals.”



It is a good start to learn how to become Vegan. Tips, recipes, info about Vegan celebs and much more.…