Gluten Free Baking Disaster

Can I just have some delicious, tasty, fabulously looking Gluten Free/ Vegan cake? Can just some darn Gluten Free/ Vegan recipe work finally?
I am dreaming about lemon cake. Gluten free/Vegan Lemon Cake. Got excited. Got baking. And got…. disaster. The cake doesn’t look like lemon cake. It dropped the volume after I took it out from the oven. It looks awful (Surprisingly doesn’t taste that bad, but doesn’t really taste lemon-like either).
When those Gluten Free recipes will start working for me? When will I stop wasting so much products?
I love baking. But Gluten Free/ Vegan baking is such a challenge. It is exhausting. It is frustrating. It is dis-encouraging.
Some recipes work for me but I want to bake more, different cakes!
I know I have to learn chemistry of Gluten Free baking. I am trying. I really am. It just takes forever and it is time consuming. And it never tastes like wheat based cake.
Celiac sucks. But I think I just said it recently.

Happy Baking Everybody! (If you are still trying 😉