Vegan Cooking for Two. Book Review

America’s Test Kitchen sent me their new cookbook: “Vegan Cooking for Two.” It includes over 200 recipes. It is filled with full-color images and tons of inspiration.

The cookbook offers recipes for a smaller household. I love how it gives suggestions on customizing each recipe to our taste. Each page contains a recipe, kitchen improv, a level-up tip, and a beautiful photograph of the dish.…

Growee Foods Spread Review

Growee Foods is a company based in Atlanta, Georgia. I wasn’t familiar with their products till I got introduced to delicious spreads.
Right now, the company offers three flavors:

  • Three Pepper Spread with tomato and sunflower seeds;
  • Curry Zucchini Spread with yellow peppers and sunflower seeds;
  • Spiced Mango Spread with coconut milk and sunflower seeds.

How to Eat More Plants – Book Review

Before I get into the details of the book, I would like to point out that the recipes are not vegan but only plant-based. The title may be a little misleading. But the author also explains what plant-based means to her.

“How to Eat More Plants. Transform Your Health with 30 Plant-Based Foods per Week (and Why It’s Easier Than You Think)” by Dr.…