First time I went gluten free, vegan shopping. Picking up packages,reading labels,and than thoughts:”I can’t have this anymore”; “Can’t it that”; “This is no more an option for me”; “This is out of the list”; “I can’t have that…” Darn! I can’t have anything!
Hours of walking in the store and reading labels. 🙁 And crossing off the list my vegan products now,because many of them contains wheat. 🙁

I got though some products that I used before and of course some that I am trying for the first time.

Snyder’s Gluten -Free Pretzels are good. Personally I think they are even better than regular pretzels by this brand. Gluten-Free pancakes- they are not bad,but they are far away from the taste of regular pancakes. And I miss my pancakes. I tried already also gluten free pasta. It is a rice pasta. It is quite testy. I bought new boxes of cereals so I can explore different taste and not get bored with my breakfast.  I tried EnviroKIdz Peanut Butter one and they are good. I tried also Crispy Brown Rice by Erewhon. They are light,not sweet. They are good by itself but if you carve more sweet you can mix them with peanut butter ones,or any sweet cereal.
I got Vegan, gluten -free dark chocolate by Alter Eco. It is really delicious. I got dark quinoa one. Heaven in the mouth. 🙂 Try it!
I bought also a box of Quinoa. Never had it before but since it is gluten free grain with a lot of nutrition I decided to give a try.