There is only one GlutenDude!

Even though I have started my own blog, I do like to read what other think and have to say. I go back quite frequently to page. The guy always helps fellow celiacs and tries to keep celiac informed and happy. He is really great guy and helps those with any problems they may have why on their gluten free journey.

When I read about I couldn’t believe the words I was reading. How the businessman can use a web site with the same name as a GlutenDude, just to bash him? And for things that are not true at all! The practice is so childish and far away from professional. Lies, lies, lies… And he uses the same name as GlutenDude, because he knows it will get him views.. Real Gluten Dude is popular and maybe Bart is just jealous and wants to use it as his own promotion of his “not really” gluten free cookies. Anyway to make the whole story short, for those of you who are not familiar with it- Gluten Dude some time ago, contacted Bart’s Bakery with questions about their gluten free cookies. It turned out their are made in facility that also handle wheat. Therefore they are labeled wrongfully as “gluten-free”. Bart got upset and start throwing sh## at Gluten Dude and created this fake web site

The whole celiac comunity is backing up Real Gluten Dude, because they know him for years and know those are just lies. I know it too. Gluten Dude didn’t do anything wrong. He is the one who should get apology from Bart bakery. And Bart bakery should release some statement soon to clear their name. (Maybe for this is too late already lol… I think he lost a lot of potential clients. But he can only blame himself because of the actions he took).

I back up Gluten Dude and I think this dude really rocks. There is only one Gluten Dude. And Bart can go and ……. eat his so-called gluten free cookies on his own.

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