Why Vegan, Why Gluten Free

Why Vegan?

You don’t need to kill in order to full fill your appetite. You don’t need to eat animals in order to live. In fact animal products cause a lot of illness out there. Being vegan is much healthier for you and your body. Vegans have much more energy.

But veganism it is not only about what you eat. It is also a compassion towards animals. It is a stand against slaughterhouses, testing on animals. Because why do you like to keep a dog in your house as a pet, but you eat a chicken for dinner. Tell me,what really is the difference? Both of those creatures feel, breath, eat, sleep. Why to love one and eat another? Chicken or pig,or cow,or sheep – they all want to live. They all want to be with their families. They all feel the pain. What makes you think that it is ok to eat chicken and cow? Why would you be so heartless, cruel to a living thing? We are all alife. And we are all have the rights to live. Who are you to finish the life of animals? You will tell me you didn’t kill the chicken. You bought it from the store. Ok.But if you stop buying it, then there will be less and less need for the meat. More and more people will go vegan. More and more animals will be saved and alife.

“Animal by-products will exist as long as there is a demand for primary meat and dairy products.”

Matt Ball, a long-time vegan advocate

Why don’t be a part of something good? Why not to show your love to everything that God created? So why do you eat animals? You really don’t have to. You don’t need to. You don’t need their meat, their milk,eggs and you don’t need to wear their fur. Fur belongs to animals. Not to you. Fur looks pretty only on them. Not on you.

Veganism is not a diet. It is a lifestyle.

I am VEGAN by choice.

“The vegan lifestyle is an ongoing progression. Everyone should go at their own pace and remember that all steps towards veganism are positive. It is most important to focus on avoiding the products for which animals are bred and slaughtered.” 

Matt Ball, a long-time vegan advocate

Why Gluten Free?

Why people (and me) are going on gluten free diet? The reasons may vary. It may be because we were diagnosed with celiac disease,or because of gluten intolerance or wheat allergy. More and more people go on gluten free diet thinking that it will benefit their health. But the truth is that you don’t always get the right information about gluten. You will not magically lose weight just because you went gluten free. All the celebs that go on gluten free diet bring just wrong message to people. Don’t just blindly follow a trend.

In my case I had to go on gluten free diet for health reasons. I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I had no choice but to stop eating gluten. And I really need to be careful because even small amount of gluten,a crumb may make me sick. If I didn’t have to- I wouldn’t be on this diet. It is a must for me. Not my choice.

I am GLUTEN FREE by force.

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