Bella Gluten Free Product Review

Bella Gluten Free- Beautiful Food, Simply Delicious.

According to their web site, the company offers a selection of 100% natural, allergen-free baking mixes.  They use all-natural, preservatives-free, and non GMO ingredients.  Bella Gluten-Free products are blended in small batches in a 100% allergen-free facility to guarantee freshness and purity. They are in business since 2010.

Vegan Gluten Free Heaven

The company send me 3 of their gluten free mixes. I tried them all and here I will share my results and thought with my readers.

Multigrain Sandwich Bread Mix- The directions on the package had also instruction how to make rolls and I decided to make rolls instead of bread. I followed each step very carefully. I used egg replacer for eggs. I was nervous, since so far I didn’t have luck with other companies when it comes to gluten free bread and using egg replacer. After 25min I checked my rolls in the oven and it looked that nothing is happening. My rolls were the same color and the same consistence. I decided to give them additional 20 min. (Each oven is different). I checked and again the color didn’t change much. I took them out and looked inside the roll- it was baked. So I decided to take them out. Sometimes when it comes to gluten free baking the thing is that the dough doesn’t raise that much and the color doesn’t change either. When the rolls cool off a little bit I took my first bite… Oh! how delicious! I was surprised to be honest, but happy! Finally, finally there is a brand that got it right! I can have gluten free and vegan rolls made at home! With their help! Bella Gluten just made my day! I made 12 small rolls from the mix. They were fluffy and soft inside. They looked like a wheat based rolls! Amazing! And I loved the sesame seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds inside! So healthy! So delicous! I recommend it to all of you!



All Purpose Baking Flour– I was glad with the results of my baking goods using this flour. I made a coconut cake and it came out really nice and soft and delicious. The cake didn’t raise much but I was glad how tasty it was. I used it also to bake vanilla muffins, following the recipe from the package. They came out nice and soft inside. They were missing something though. They felt a little bit dry. Next time I will add some nuts or raisins to it. But in general it is nice flour. I definitely will be looking for it next time I am shopping for gluten free flour.



Pizza Dough, Rolls & Focaccia Mix- I made pizza from this mix. The package allows to make 2 pizza dough. You can freeze one and use it later. The package includes yeast, so you don’t have to worry about it. I put a lot of toppings- spinach, mushroom, tomatoes, vegan cheese. I liked how it tasted. The dough looked little bit undercooked. It tasted really good dough.


I am happy that Bella’s Gluten Free mixes work well with egg replacer. This is always a challenge. And it is really great to see another company in the market that offers gluten free products. It is nice to have more choices while shopping.

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