Vegan Cooking for Two. Book Review

America’s Test Kitchen sent me their new cookbook: “Vegan Cooking for Two.” It includes over 200 recipes. It is filled with full-color images and tons of inspiration.

The cookbook offers recipes for a smaller household. I love how it gives suggestions on customizing each recipe to our taste. Each page contains a recipe, kitchen improv, a level-up tip, and a beautiful photograph of the dish.…

How to Eat More Plants – Book Review

Before I get into the details of the book, I would like to point out that the recipes are not vegan but only plant-based. The title may be a little misleading. But the author also explains what plant-based means to her.

“How to Eat More Plants. Transform Your Health with 30 Plant-Based Foods per Week (and Why It’s Easier Than You Think)” by Dr.…

Letters from Animals- Review

Have you ever wondered what message animals would like to convey if they could talk?
“Letters from Animals to those who think they’re just beasts” written by Frederic Brremaud is adapted from and inspired by the writings of Allain Bougrain- Dubourg.

It is a collection of messages from animals.
It contains short stories in comic form.…