Celiac as a disability?

I came across article about celiac/gluten intolerance as a disability. (Here is link to the blog post: http://www.celiact.com/blog/2013/04/16/178-gluten-free-disability).
And I wonder myself if it should be classified as such.
Celiac has enormous impact on peoples lives. Not only personal but also profesional. It affects the ability to work, because often people with this disease feel tired/weak all the time. They may have brain fog, loose concentration, have other health issues going along with it. It is not easy disease. It makes really hard to be socialable and live a “normal” life when you are racing to the bathroom and focusing on everything that goes in your mouth. I don’t want to sound extreme but some celiacs will not leave their homes because they are afraid about non-stop trips to the bathroom.

It looks though that not everyone with celiac can classify for disability. You need to reach some requirements, that are not easy. If you would like to learn more there is a useful link to Social Security Disability Center:

Let me know what you think.