The story goes on….


So there I am now..8 months after being diagnosed with celiac and FINALLY I got my endoscopy,that I supposed to have right after I was diagnosed-8 months ago!
So finally I ended up on the hospital bed and I must say the experience doesn’t belong to most pleasant ones.I wonder if my heart rate- 120, was caused by the whole mess in the hospital or my heart always pomps like crazy.. I need to check it…(I feel after every visit at the doctors comes up something else that can be wrong..I may stop visiting doctors at all..)
After endoscopy I still don’t know what can be wrong and I am waiting again for the next doctor visit and my biopsy results…
Months passed till I had endoscopy and now weeks has to pass to learn what is wrong. I wonder if some people have that time to wait those weeks or just die on the way I don’t want to sound so dark but..hey.. this is my reality now….