Four months and nothing changes…..

So here we are… November 29th. I promised to write more often,but as you can see I was mostly posting some recipes.And my life got busy. I was also trying new things,new food,new baking goods. And there is something else… Something I started to work on. But shhhhhhh… Right now it is a secret. 😉 It has to do with celiac of course… 😉 But I can’t give it away yet.
I was writing though on some loose pieces of paper here and there,whatever came into my mind. I have to organize it and put together…. I will do it one day… Hopefully soon. 😉

It is time to go back to my gluten free, vegan diary writing.
Four months after diagnosis. Four months of not filling better. Past weeks are even getting worst. The pain is not going away. I eat gluten free. I don’t cheat. I read every label, cook gluten free. So why I am not better? Some celiac feel better just few days after putting away gluten. Some need more time. Maybe I need more time. But how much more? How much longer do I have to suffer? How much more pain can I take? And what if the blood test is wrong? What if it is not gluten I have to give up? What if I have sensitivity to other foods I don’t know about? What if it is not celiac?
My appointment with gastroenterologist was cancelled due to the hurricane Sandy. I am waiting to reschedule it but I still didn’t get lucky….After days of trying to reach a human being on the other end of the line, finally I got a rude lady who cut me off saying “There are no appointments. Call next week. Bye…” …….. silence….. :/
You can die before you will see a doctor and get help…. lol