User Manual for Celiac

How to use,take care and store a Celiac.

This is user manual that should help you get the best of your celiac friend, a family member or spouse. It will teach you how to develop mutual understanding and make yours and celiac’s life better.

Hmmm.. where do we start?

1. Educate yourself about celiac disease.
Please read,ask questions and take it very seriously. This disease is a serious condition. Celiac is not being paranoid, he/she doesn’t exaggerate the critical symptoms and the disorder. For celiac gluten is like a poison and you should look at it that way as well. Be very careful around Celiac while preparing food. You must avoid any gluten at the food given to the Celiac. You must know that being on gluten free diet is not a trend, it is not a way to loose weight, it is not a fancy diet. It is the way of living for the Celiac in order to stay healthy.

2. Undesrtand Celiac.
Be understanding and forgiving in tough situation,especially when Celiac is not feeling well. Celiac can’t really control mood swings and irritation due to the condition. It is not their fault they feel tired and their energy level is low. Please understand. The pain takes away the joy and make days miserable. (Celiac becomes a beast that you shouldn’t touch! Be aware! lol)
a) Celiac often goes to work with pain but pretends everything is ok,because he/she has to work. Celiac may look ok outside,but inside goes trough the living,burning,glutenising hell. (Is there a word like “glutenising?” lol )
b) Celiac will be smiling and pretending to have a good time when in fact he/she just wants to go to bed and is struggling with a pain.
c) When Celiac says he/she is in the pain, stomach hurts- it means that he/she is in the pain. The best thing you can do is leave Celiac alone, ask how you can help, don’t touch Celiac because it may have an ugly end.It is going to be safer for you to stay away, otherwise Celiac may say,do things he/she doesn’t mean.

3. The most important Love Celiac.
Love is all we need… 😉 Plus avoiding glutenaising,cross-contaminating food. But this all goes to “LOVE”. So please bare with Celiac, take care of him/her as best as you can. Support and educate others.

Ps. Celiac is aware that his/her condition affects also loved ones. Celiac is doing all he/she can to not be a pain in the ass. Sometimes though things get out of control.Please understand and forgive.

To Be Continue….