Enough.. Again I have enough….

I have enough of this gluten free diet. I hate it. I hate it so much. I guess I just have a break down now. I tried to make a cake. I was dreaming about yellow, fluffy, high lemon cake. I was stupidly hoping I can make it. I found a recipe online. I got ingredients. Vegan,gluten free lemon cake…. O well…. what a disappointment. Instead of my yellow, fluffy lemon cake I got something flat, brownish and more crunchy. Lemon taste maybe is in it but only thanks to lemons. I will never bake anything again that doesn’t have a picture of it. I know I will bake again. That’s for sure…. But how many times will I cry if it doesn’t come out right? When will I learn the scientific behind gluten free, vegan baking????
HELP me somebody!

(I need a cake…)