It Sucks to Eat Gluten Free Food

Who am I kidding? When I was diagnosed with celiac and went shopping I got new, gluten free pasta, cookies, bread, pancake mix. I ate this food and I was telling myself it is not bad. Not everything of course,some food I put straight away on the “Never buy it again list”, but I was trying so hard to find something that I will be bale to eat and I will like,and what is gluten free and vegan, that I liked Enjoy cookies,and some rice pasta and even Ener-G bread. I am only 4 month later and I seldom buy gluten free cookies, seldom eat gluten free bread and pasta is in my cabin from last month unopened.
Gluten free products , most of the time, have a lot of sugar (to probably kill the awful taste). I wonder if the person who goes on gluten free diet,just because it is a trend in the moment,or because thinks to loose a weight, buys gluten free products? And do they like it? Does the food taste better for them? hmmm…. If I didn’t have to go on gluten free diet- I would never do it willingly.
The gluten free food is so tasteless. Honestly I buy it less than when I was diagnosed and I cook on my own. Plus in my situation it is also hard to find gluten free and vegan food at the same time. Most gluten free products will contain eggs,or cow milk,gelatin or other animal products.
If you are healthy-be happy. You don;t need to eat the crab celiac finds at the store. Your food is much more delicious. 😉