Hope gone with the wind

I was looking at my IgA blood test again today and I started thinking that maybe my test is interpret wrong. I mean doctor knows better than me.(Theoretically). But I was hoping that maybe it is wrong. Maybe I don’t have celiac disease after all. So I found the web site online (http://glutendoctors.blogspot.com/2009/01/interpreting-lab-work-gluten-sensitive.html) and ask the question:
“This are my test results:

Gliadin Ab (IGA) 49
units (<20)---[Is it very high? What would be the highest number?] Gliadin Ab (IGG) 13 units(<20) Value: >or 20 Antibody detected

Endomysial Ab Scrn: Positive

Those were tests I had for celiac. Doctor told me to go on gluten free diet since tests are positive for celiac disease. But what does it mean that IGG is negative? And IGA 49 confirms celiac?
I didn’t have a biopsy performed. I am 4 months on gluten free diet and I am not feeling better. ๐Ÿ™

Thank you “

This is the respond:

“It is the positive endomysial test that is causing your doctor to diagnose celiac disease.

The AGA tests, one of which is positive is indicative of gluten intolerance, but doesn’t make a distinction between celiac and gluten sensitivity. But with the endomysial positive, that indicates celiac.

Understand that anything positive is positive.

Either you have celiac or you don’t. There’s no such thing as ‘mild celiac’ or ‘a little celiac’. In other words, whether the number was 21, 31 or 81, it wouldn’t matter – the point is that it’s positive.

The reason you don’t likely feel better is that the secondary effects associated with gluten are not being addressed for you.

That is our specialty and it’s not difficult to address. If you’d like help please consider calling us for a free health analysis. Call 408-733-0400 – we are here to help.

Dr Vikki ”

The hope is the Mather of stupid…. lol ๐Ÿ™