The Gluten Dude

For past few days I got addicted. Yes… I am addicted.. to a blog. I can’t stop reading posts,but also comments under it. What am I talking about? About . This guy is so hilarious, so straight forward,but also loving and heartful and helpful. I am so glad I came along this blog. I will stick with it. 🙂

But also,I wonder…. why do I write my blog? I suck at writing. I really do. And I can’t put my thoughts in nice words like others do. And also English is my second language and I don’t have this writing skills people learn at USA schools. So why do I write? I just wanted to put all the info I thought I will need in one place. I wanted to remember articles,recipes, web pages,books I came across.I wanted to organize my gluten-free world.

I can’t compete with The Gluten Dude,or as a matter of fact, any other dude writing blog. Simply because I suck. But I will be writing because I still need to be organized in my gluten free mess. Not sure how long I will survive in here,but I need my own space I can go back to when I need this great recipe,or read again some funny post from The Gluten Dude to make my life little happier.