This is just my personal opinion, but I am pretty sure many people will agree with me. I think that the causes of increased diseases are GMO- genetically modified organisms. I believe when I got exposed to GMO it triggered my celiac symptoms. I could never even know that I am a celiac, if GMO wasn’t invented. And maybe I wouldn’t be a celiac, if GMO wouldn’t exist.


GMO is an evil and I don’t understand why it is ok to use it in our foods. Why is it ok put poison and make us all sick each day? All the BS about feeding world with GMO food is just a trick and manipulation of big corporations that want more money. How health is less important than money?

I try to avoid GMO as much as I can. I read labels,but the problem in USA is you don’t know if you eat GMO,because it doesn’t say on your food.No label anywhere informing you “Hey, This sh*$! is GMO!” Do you think people would buy it if they knew it is GMO? I think most of us would avoid it.

Check this chart. GMO is band all over the world. Why not in the USA?


If you don’t know much about GMO, please try to learn. It is one of the worst human inventions.

You really should watch the movie:“Genetic Roulette -The Gamble of Our Lives
A film by Jeffrey M. Smith – Narrated by Lisa Oz”
You will learn a lot about GMO.

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