Green Smoothies

Few days ago I read book “Green for Life” by Victoria Boutenko. I decided that I should try green smoothies in my diet. (I didn’t have my celiac tests results yet). Today is 3rd day when I am making and drinking those delicious smoothies. People on raw food diet include those smoothies (or at least should include) to get as much nutrition from green vegetables and fruits as possible. Even though “raw food” people feel great on this diet, sometimes they luck something that doesn’t make them 100% healthy.
Green smoothies fill up the nutritional gap in their diet. But those green smoothies are beneficial for everybody. We hear all the time to eat our veggies. We should eat as much of green plants as possible.

By including green smoothies to my diet, I hope to increase my energy level, to improve my general health. I hope that drinking green smoothies will make my gluten free diet more enjoyable and satisfying. (Please go to recipes page for smoothies recipes).