March Against Monsanto

Today took place march against Monsanto and GMO all over the world. I joined one of the rally in New York City. I am against Monsanto.I am against GMO food. I want to know what I eat and I want my food to be labeled properly.
I wrote about it before. But I will say it again. I really do believe that GMO food triggered my celiac. I even think that I would never have any symptoms if I didn’t consume food that is GMO. When I came to USA and I started to eat American food I also started to feel worse. How not to connect it with GMO? Most of the food in America is GMO! I think GMO is linked to many diseases. Cancer,tumors, those are just few. I don’t understand why money is more important than health. I really want to see people behind GMO food feeding it to their families and not worrying about it.I want proof that GMO is safe (which is not!!!). I truly believe that Monsanto is doing only bad for humanity. Nothing good is coming from his GMO seeds. Why he cares just about money? Why Monsanto why? I have a message for you than:
FUCK Monsanto!

Against Monsanto