Is GMO to blame?

I was wondering the other day if maybe the reason I am not feeling better is GMO products that I probably consume daily not even knowing about it. Maybe GMO ingriendents are reason for my pain and shitty feeling every day. Maybe if the product does not say anything like: “Non GMO Project Verified” means we should not buy it. Maybe we should always look for this label (which I don’t know any longer if I should trust even this one). But maybe, just maybe, this is the reason of pain because of GMO product put in the food and there is no info about it.

And while I am ranting about GMO right now, I am definitely against it. And I really wish to know what I am buying and putting into my body. If the food says “GMO”- I am not buying it.

I don’t understand why Monsanto can put this sh### in food and make money on killing people. Why the health and well being of humanity is worth nothing for big corporations? And soon after GMO product will become a norm on store’s shelves,we will have to start buying some sh##y pills to make us feel better after eating GMO. And the circle will go around and around…

Can we make a stop to this craziness already, PLEASE!!!!