The saga continues…

I went to to the doctor today, wishing deeply that some of my questions will be answered.  But my darn luck… Last month I had capsule endoscopy. (What a fun!!!!) Here you can check what I am talking about:


And for those with strong nerves here is video:


So after swallowing the blinking pill and having attached a box to me- I left hospital. The pill was taking photos inside my body and while on the journey  it was sending pictures to the box,which recorded everything. The Next day I went back to return everything. One month later (the time to wait for results is just depressing), I was at the doctor office again. The words she greeted me with didn’t make me happy.  “You will not like what I have to tell you. The pill got stuck in the stomach and it stayed there for the whole time the pictures were taken”. Great. I set down and I just felt I will have a break down. Why I can’t finally know what the hell is wrong with me?! Why does it take so long , so much, to figure it out? Where are those great, wonderful doctors that can get to the point of your pain? Why I haven’t met one yet?

Now I am sitting exhausted, hopeless, frustrated and I am trying to make some sense of what I am writing in here. Kind of hard to be honest.

Next week back to the hospital for cat scam……