Societea Bars

Today I got in the mail Good Societea Bars. Or should I write SocieTEA 😉 I am a tea lover so an idea of tea snack bars seemed quite good to me.  Good Societea are tea-infused whole food bars. They are mix of different tea flavors and organic, whole-food ingredients. They are gluten, dairy, soy free. No GMO. And they are vegan. The company claims to be a  part of the real food movement. Their philosophy: “Eat Tea, Do Good”. Citing from their web page: “We believe natural foods promote individual health, and that business, society, and the environment are part of an interdependent ecosystem. That’s why Good Societea offers whole-food nutrients, practices socially conscious capitalism, and taps the wisdom of crowds to choose the causes we support.”

Let’s see how Good Societea taste than.

Good Societea bars gean Gf Heaven

Choco Chai Rooibos– I like chocolate, but not that much of the rooibos chai tea ingredients. I am not big fan of ginger. When I opened this bar ginger smell is really strong. I was hoping more for a ginger bread taste like. Unfortunately for me ginger was all I could taste when eating this bar. It was just too spicy for me. Besides ginger it contains hemp seeds-which is good, cinnamon and cardamom-which I had to look up. (It is also a plant from ginger family).  In overall this is not flavor for me.

Vanilla Earl Grey– My first bite and…. I wasn’t too thrilled. As much as I like the whole idea this bar is again just too spicy for me. I tried to figure out what gives this strong, spicy taste but I really didn’t find any ginger ingredient in the bar.

Coconut Green Tea – Coconut and green tea are my favourite. This was much better as for a flavor for me. It stills tastes spicy, but much less than the other two bars. I love coconut and you can definitely taste it. Maybe it helps to suppress the spicy flavor.

Summarizing: I love the fact they are vegan, gluten free, GMO-free, dairy free. I love they are organic. I love they are healthy. They are just too spicy for me and probably that’s why they are not on my favorite list. They are not for me. But if you like spicy, if you like ginger, you probably will like Societea bars.

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* Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in the review is my own and honest viewpoint. I was not required to write a positive statement.