Summing up 2012 year

The year 2012 is almost at the finish line. Was it a good year? Was it better than the one before? What will 2013 bring upon us? Probably we all will feel differently about the year that passes. It was quite good year for me besides the fact that I was diagnosed with celiac. That’s bad. But at the same time I was finally diagnosed so it is good.
I can’t eat bread,pasta,cookies (unless gluten free)- that’s bad. I spend a lot of time shopping and reading labels on products- that’s bad. I spend more money on food now,because gluten free food is more expensive-that’s bad. I spend more time in the kitchen preparing my food- that’s bad and good at the same time. Gluten Free food from stores most of the time taste like s###- that’s bad. Gluten Free food is less healthy- that’s bad.
I introduced more foods I never heard about before- that’s good. I learn to always have some gluten free snack with me-it saves trouble,time to look for something to eat.
My social life is cut at half because I don;t go out to eat anymore,because I am afraid of cross-contamination- that’s bad.
I ate maybe 5 times out after I was diagnosed with celiac and 4 times out of those 5 I got glutened. I learn that nobody give a sh#### about celiac and if you don’t stand for yourself none will.

Let’s hope next year will be better.