Welcome back…

So when I thought I am finally getting some what better…. Again… The pain is back… The miserable feeling is back. Bathroom trips are back.
Welcome back celiac symptoms. I am being sarcastic here Mr. Celiac. I wish you were gone forever. I just want my normal back. :/
The worst part is I have no idea what made symptoms back. What did I eat that was contaminated with gluten?
Is the rest of my life going to look like this? Oh how much enough of this I have. Somebody help. Somebody safe me. Somebody come up with some solution to gluten,poison, killer.
I need to lie down now. I don;t know what I am writing any more… The pain doesn’t let me to concentrate. I said it already but I am going to say it again. And if I have to I will say it 1000 more times. CELIAC SUCKS!!!!!!!