Did they just discover America? Really?

You probably already saw this article, that is all over the internet.

Here is link: gluten free diet may prove be beneficial for those with celiac disease.

And you noticed how mad it made all people who suffer with Celiac. I ask how the author of this unfortunate article can write about something, she clearly has no idea about. How this article even can surface to the day light?

First of all.. What a title! “Gluten free diet may prove be beneficial for those with celiac disease.” Really? Is this something we didn’t know already? It may prove to be beneficial.. IT MAY…   Wow. Eureka!!

When you read this article it appears to the reader that the study according celiacs and the results are new. Excuse me? What kind of researchers were doing this study? Everybody knows you have to go on gluten free diet in order to feel better when you re Celiac. There is no questions asked. And the study were made years and years ago!!! Why the author states like it is a choice? And why she informs about it like it is a breaking news?

And for the author information Celiac disease doesn’t just cause bone fracture. It is much more complex and dangerous. (Gastrological problems, deficiencies problems, neurological problems, even cancer). Staying completely away from gluten isn’t just beneficial. It’s crucial!