Potato Pancakes aka Latkes

I had a terrible craving for home made potato pancakes. Well in my country we eat them for dinner and it doesn’t matter if it is a holiday or regular day. This is just a dish. Here, in the USA, especially among Jewish community, potato pancakes are called Latkes and are made for Hanukkah.


Anyway, I have’t eaten those for a long, long time. And I started to wonder how to make them, so they are delicious, just like my home made potato pancakes but also vegan and gluten free. I tried to find a recipe but none of them sound good enough for me. I decided to experiment. And I am so glad I did. 🙂

Potato Pancakes aka Latkes


  • 4 big potatoes/ peeled and shredded
  • 1/2  small onion -chopped
  • egg replacer (1 equivalent of egg)
  • 2/3 cup of flour (I just mixed 3 different flours into cup: garbanzo bean flour, white rice flour and flaxseed meal)
  • salt, paper
  • oil for frying
  • optional: vegan sour cream/ apple sauce
  • optional: shredded carrot


Squeeze the juice out from shredded potatoes, so they are dry. Combine them with onion, prepared egg replacer, and carrot if you are using it. Add flour mix and salt and paper. Mix well.

When everything is mixed nicely, form pancakes.

Heat just enough oil to coat the bottom of a large, nonstick skillet. Fry pancakes on both sides over medium-high heat until golden brown and crisp.

Ps. Next time I will try to add shredded carrots. I bet it will taste delicious too.