Earth Balance Products Review

Earth Balance is company based in Colorado. All of their products are 100% plant-based, vegan, non-GMO, lactose-free, gluten-free, egg-free, casein-free. In 1998 GFA Brands, Inc. (which is Earth Balance parent company) introduced Earth Balance® spreads to its Smart Balance® products.

Vegan Gluten Free Heaven

I tried few of their products, and I will share my opinion with you guys now.

Their Coconut Spread– tastes amazing. It is awesome for baking , especially when coconuts are one of the cake ingredients. It gives a nice flavor to baked goods. I used their recipe for Classic Coconut Macaroons, but instead of macaroons I made a cake. It taste really great. I tried it also on my gluten free crackers and loved it this way as well. It is easy to spread on bread, or crackers.

Vegan Buttery Sticks – I used them for baking. They are good and work just fine in place of any butter. I like how there are 4 separate rapped sticks of butter. This way butter is fresh each time you use it. Great idea.

Original Natural Buttery Spread- it tastes ok, but to be honest, I like their Smart Balance butter much better. This tastes too salty and oily. It doesn’t really have buttery taste.

Mindful Mayo– I was little disappointed with this mayo. I was expecting it to taste better. Again I will stick with different brand when it comes to vegan mayo, because this just doesn’t do the trick for me. I tried Earth Balance original flavor. It has too much of vinegar as for my taste. It acts as regular mayo though and  I used it in place of it. I tried it in veggie salad and with my mushed potatoes, and  as a spread for a sandwich.  It comes in original, olive oil, and organic varieties.

Vegan Gluten Free Heaven


Natural Peanut Butter Crunchy– I love this peanut butter. No need to steer. Tastes so delicious, rich and crunchy. I would just eat it straight from jar.( I used spoon! 😉  And spread it with jelly on my gluten free crackers. I even add a spoonful to my vanila ice-cream. It tastes really great.


To summarize it: Some of Earth Balance products I like more, some less. But in general they have great items and the most important they are vegan and gluten free.

General rating: [rating=5]

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* Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in the review is my own and honest viewpoint. I was not required to write a positive statement.