A Pocket Guide to Sustainable Food Shopping- Book Review

Sustainable living and shopping are getting more popular and for the right reasons. There is always something to learn, so I am open to any new publications, websites, and ideas. When I saw a Guide to sustainable shopping listed on GoodReads, I entered the giveaway, and I won the book. Here is my little review about “A Pocket Guide to Sustainable Food Shopping: How to Navigate the Grocery Store, Read Labels, and Help Save the Planet” by Kate Bratskeir. (I know the title is so long).

Well… This little book would be a good starting point for beginners. I didn’t learn anything new. I also skipped chapters about meat, seafood, and eggs since I am vegan.

But if someone is looking into more sustainable shopping, that maybe this guide would be useful. The author points out obvious things like always bring a tote with you. Do not forget to keep totes in the car, in your purse. Make a habit of checking your items before you leave the house. F.ex. keys, wallet, tote bag. (Sorry, maybe I am harsh here, but for me, this is an obvious thing to do). There is a chapter about composting. And how to shop sustainably. Spoiler alert: local, organic. Don’t buy prepacked food, like cut fruits wrapped in plastic.

I would summarize this book as a refresher to your common sense. But again. Maybe I am being harsh, and it will turn to be a useful guide for some beginners.

* Disclaimer: I won this book in a giveaway. The opinion expressed in the review is my own.