Do Monsanto’s GM foods cause gluten-related illness?

Past few days were quite exhausting for me. Most likely something I ate. And I did ate few new things so I just can’t figure out where the seed of devil hides. 🙁 I feel sick and tired and my stomach is squeezing with pain. Hard to have a normal day with interruptions like this. I was going again over ingredients listed on packages on all new food I had. Trying to figure out if I can spot the cause of my state, but Sherlock Holmes inside me found nothing.

While surfing on the web, I came across some articles and videos about GMO food.  The more I read, the more I am convinced that my theory- GMO food is the cause and reason of my celiac– is true.

Here you can watch this short video from RT, titled: “Future Epidemic? Monsanto GM foods cause gluten-related illness.”

GM corn and soy causes more and more gluten related illnesses. And it looks like this epidemic is on rise. What goes after that- the number of people going on gluten free diet rises as well.

Of course Monsanto claims there is no proof his GM soy, corn or other products are harmful for people (OMG! REALLY, Monsanto? REALLY???!!!!)

Report released by Institute for Responsible Technology finds though that the weed killer known us “Roundup” , used on GMO’s also have negative effect on gut bacteria.

And Monsanto spend billions on lobbing to keep GMO food being labeled in USA.

I think in next weeks we will find more and more info that will link GMO in foods to celiac, and gluten related illness. I believe that GMO food triggered my celiac and is the reason of my suffering right now.

What do you think about GMO and gluten related sickness? Do you see connection there?