Enough of This Diet….

I will be darn honest with you all. I really have enough of this gluten free diet. 🙁 Seriously,I do. It is maybe a month now when I try to eat gluten free (in addition to my vegan diet). But I don’t like it. I miss my bread and bagels and cookies. I want my soy meat and soy sausage and soy chicken.It is so tiring to look at every label to find if there is a gluten hiding in any of the listed ingredients.

First I learn how to cook. Than I became vegetarian and had to learn how to use vegetables more in my dishes. Than vegan- and I had to learn how to replace f.ex eggs in my recipes and other products.

Now I am learning how to replace wheat and everything that contains gluten. It is hard to bake from scratch when I have no experience and knowledge how certain flour will behave mixed with other ingredients.

And it is expensive to be on gluten free diet. Everything costs so much more.So far I have discovered new food that actually taste great but most of it just doesn’t work for me. Should I just eat tasteless all my life? Give up everything I like,because it contains gluten? Substitute with less tasty food? I don’t want it. I really don’t. From other side- I want to be healthy. So…

I decided to get tested for the celiac disease. I went to the clinic I belong to (I will not give a name) and I was trying to find out how I even start this whole process. There was none who knew what the hell I am talking about. “Celiac disease?” A guy at the info desk said “there is a women health department so you can go there”.. I was looking at him… like at dumb ass moron. “Do you think Celiac is a women disease? Seriously? What the hell are you doing at the info desk?”
Finally some doctor just said he will do a test straight away. Blood test. Ok. Now…I am on gluten free diet for a month.I stopped eating it,so the test may say nothing.But I want to see… Because if this is not gluten that gives me all the problem- F*** it! I am not going to force myself to eat all this gluten free sh***. At least not all of it. I will know next week what the test says. Good luck to me.

I will stay vegan.Because being vegan is my choice. Vegan by choice, gluten free by force. Or maybe it will not be necessary to be gluten free….Let’s wait and see….