Gluten Dream

Did you ever had a dream about gluten? Being glutened, eating gluten, wanted gluten? Maybe being chased by gluten? 😉

I did.. Last night… I saw and I could actually smell Italian bread in my dream. Fresh, hot bread from oven. I wanted it so, so badly…. I could see the steam coming up from the bread…. It was so tempting… But I couldn’t have it.  I could only look. How awful is that?


Dream is not the only place I have to fight. It does get better I must say though. There are days when I walk by some bakery I just want to get in and get fresh bagel or muffin or bread. Sometimes I just want to cheat! But i never do.I walk away. The hardest part is when I am traveling. When I get so hungry and just want to eat something. But no way I can have pizza (even vegan version) or vegan sandwich in Subway. I can’t just grab a bagel or pick up some muffin in vegan bakery. This is not enough. It is hard to find vegan/gluten free food, restaurant that is good and safe. The risk of cross contamination is so high. I wish there were more dedicated gluten free and vegan restaurants. Just to make the life easier for some of us.

It is hard as it is now. No more bread,pizza,pasta,no more pastries and my favourite polish drożdżówka. Nothing will taste the same anymore if it is not made of wheat.

I am dreaming though that one day somebody will come up with bread that tastes just like wheat bread, but will be vegan and gluten free. I hope to smell it and know that I can have it and it is safe for me.  Maybe I will not have anymore Gluten Dreams.


Have a gluten free dream you all. 😉