How to help the biggest number of animals that suffer?

The group of scientists from USA did a research compering different ways of helping animals, to see which ways are the most effective and efficient in helping the biggest number of animals.

Animal Charity Evaluator is a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in the United States. Their mission is to find and promote the most effective ways to help animals. They do this by analyzing research on methods of helping animals in order to provide recommendations of interventions and charities. They offer suggestions on being a more effective animal advocate by providing career, charity, and volunteering advice, and also plan on working with other organizations to help them conduct their own research.

“Animal advocacy organizations use a wide variety of tactics to address many forms of animal suffering. Identifying which methods most efficiently solve which problems is thus a key step in comparing programs and organizations. To find these methods, ACE researches the effectiveness of various tactics and interventions intended to improve the lives of animals. This research helps us identify the strongest animal advocacy programs, and can provide guidance to animal advocates in deciding which course to pursue. As such, we prioritize evaluating interventions with the potential to be highly cost effective and about which we believe there is ample information available.”

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From the chart above we can see that the biggest number of animals killed or used in the USA (but probably all over the world) comes from farms. On other hand the biggest number of donations go to shelters. All over the world almost 60 mld animals is raised in the farms and then killed for food each year.(Not including fish). The biggest number of animals that suffer comes than from farms. They spend all their lives in the cages and then they are killed, but the biggest number of donations goes to shelters to help pets like dogs and cats.

According to ACE promoting interventions for farm animals would be the most efficient way to help the biggest number of animals. It is also important to stand up against the theory that the man has the right to use other species, and don’t pay attention to their needs and suffering.