Mary’s Gone Crackers Product Review

Mary’s Gone Crackers was born on 1999. All their products are organic, gluten free and vegan and are manufactured in their own dedicated gluten free facility.

Vegan Gluten Free Heaven


Chocolate Chip Cookies– They are small and hard cookies. Personally I like soft cookies more. Those are very crunchy. They taste good, rich in chocolate. But still definitely too hard.

Just The Crumbs- I like those bread crumbs. They are not too powdery. You can find big pieces of bread in the package, but it tastes really good. I used them on my potato casserole so far and made zucchini in crumbed bread. I liked it and definitely will be using it in the future.

Vegan Gluten Free Heaven

Pretzels Chipotle Tomato– They are crunchy and I like the flavor. They don’t taste like regular pretzels, made of whole wheat flour, but they are good alternative. The other flavors are sea salt and curry pretzels. (I didn’t try those yet).

Hot ‘n Spicy Jalapeño Crackers– They are similar to pretzels. Probably, because similar ingredients are used to make them. They are good and crunchy. They are good snack option. I wish though the pieces were bigger, so maybe I could use them as a flat bread style. In the package many of the crackers were broken to tiny pieces, and they supposed to have a nice, rounded shape.

General rating: [rating=4]

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