New Year Resolution

Do you make a new year resolutions? Do you stick to them? Do you achieve them? I am rather this kind of person who prefers to not make any resolutions. Don’t judge me. But this year I really would like to implement some changes in my life. Not only for me, but for our planet.

I am vegan and I am vegan for health, animals and our planet. But I feel that it can be done more.

Lets start with food. Even though all my food is plant based, I knowI eat too much junk food, too much sweets and too little fresh vegetables. I don’t buy processed, ready meal packs. I cook my food from scratch. But I definitely need to put more simply veggies, or even raw veggies into my menu. I know my body will thanks me. 😉

Definitely I need to eat less treats. I have sweet tooth and I can eat sweets every day. And I know that I need to cut it. It is hard though when there are so many delicious, vegan treats popping in the store each day! But I know I should limit sugar intake.

If it comes to environment, I try reduce my footprint on the planet. I recycle. I take my reusable totes, when I go shopping. I try to stay away from plastic. This year, I will try to transition more into eco friendly movement. There are web site and accounts that can help me out. And there are subscription boxes that can help me also in this area. And I can see they ideas and try to go this path as well.

And last, but not least- more meditation and yoga. And i do believe that those two complement each other. More yoga helps my body physically, but also helps mentally, while I meditate. I definitely need to do more of both.

I am not going to be mad at myself ,if I don’t accomplish my goals. But I will be trying and doing my best.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

I wish you Happy, Healthy, Vegan new Year!

Your choice is on your plate. Go Vegan!