The Vaccine For Celiac?

Apparently there is a vaccine that will let celiac people to eat wheat. It makes me happy and scared at the same time. I hate vaccines and if it is not necessary (like flue shot), i am  opposite vaccination. Maybe I would have different point of view, if vaccines were vegan, thoroughly researched and it would be known, what are exactly their side effects. I would be ok to get vaccinated, if vaccines didn’t contain chemicals, mercury, egg whites, gelatin and other ingredients, that are consider harmful.

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What does the vaccine for celiac contain? How safe will it be? Will there be side effects and if yes, what kind? How many times will I need to get vaccinated, in order for vaccine to be effective? Will I need to repeat vaccination every year?


NexVax2 works by reprogramming the body’s immune system so that it doesn’t attack the gut in response to gluten ingestion. The vaccine contains tiny fragments of proteins that are responsible for triggering the immune system’s overreaction during the digestive process. Because the fragments are so small, the immune system does not launch an attack and gradually learns to accept the proteins as harmless.

During a series of subsequent vaccines, the amount of protein introduced into the body is gradually increased. This allows the immune system to slowly get used to higher levels of gluten entering the body so that, when it is reintroduced into the diet, the immune system doesn’t launch an attack.


It would be wonderful to eat gluten, if I like to, and not to worry, if I get sick. It would solve many eating problems, while traveling, or attending a party, or visiting a restaurant.  It really would be great, to not have to worry about being sick. But since it is new, still under development vaccine, I think I will not be trying it when the time comes. I would actually suggest, that there would be a pill, just like for lactose intolerant people. After I eat gluten, I take a pill and no symptoms of celiac in the body. 😉 What do you think? Would you go for the vaccine? Are you willing to risk it? Would you maybe even take a part in the studies? Let me know your thought in the comments.