Super Drink

This is drink that will help to burn extra calories, clean your body and will nutrition it with vitamins and minerals.


  • one big bunch fresh parsley
  • one squeezed lemon juice (make sure no pits)
  • one small cucumber
  • one glass of pure water


Mix well all the ingredients in the blender.

Drink it first thing in the morning for 5 days, than make a 10-days break.

This drink will help you clean the body, add minerals and vitamins. Parsley helps with digestion and removes water from the body. It eliminates swelling that makes as look fatter than we are in reality.

You can loose 3-3.5kg during 5 days. Remember though that you need to keep healthy diet (no sugar, or processed food), drink a lot of water and try to make some time for an exercise.

You can add a drink in the afternoon as well.

You will see effects very quick. Your belly will become smaller, you will feel fresh and full of energy.