Vegan/ Gluten Free Sancocho

This recipe comes from my dear friend Alain, who taught me how to make this delicious soup.

Sancocho is a traditional soup (often considered a stew) in several Latin American cuisines derived from the Spanish dish known as Cocido.  Sancocho is a traditional food in Colombia made with many kinds of meat (most commonly pollo (chicken), gallina (hen), pescado (fish), and cola (ox tail)) along with large pieces of plátano (plantain), papa (potato), yuca (cassava) and/or other vegetables such as tomato, scallion, cilantro, and mazorca (corn on the cob), depending on the region. Some even top it off with fresh cilantro, onion and squeezed lime– a sort of “pico de gallo”, minus the tomato; it is also usually served with a plate of white rice on the side, which is usually dipped in with each spoonful of soup.

Here is vegan/ gluten free version of Colombian style Sancocho:



yuca (if it is big-use half of it)
4-6 potatoes (depending on the size)
2 green plantains
cup of frozen veggies
gf/vegan bouillon cube (optional)

Boil water. Put frozen veggies and seasoning. Meanwhile prepare yuca- pill it (but be careful since it is easy to cut yourself), cut it in pieces.( Don’t forget to remove the inside line of the yuca). Put it to water. (It should go first since it takes the longest to cook). Next prepare plantain- pill it off and break it into pieces. Don’t use knife to cut it! Then add washed and cut potatoes. You can add half of the washed and cut cilantro now as well. (The other half use when the soup is ready). Leave it to cook. Check frequently and stir from time to time. The water will be evaporating so make sure you are not burning your soup. 😉 It may take 45min- 1h for your Sancocho to be ready. Add remaining cilantro.

Ps. If you wonder what to do with the rest of yuca,please check the recipe for Fried Yuca, called by me “Wood Sticks”.