Coconut Curry Stew

This dish after you make it few times, becomes easy and quick. At least this is what happened in my case.

Coconut Curry Vegan Stew


  • can of coconut milk (light)- you may use half of it depending on how liquid your stew you like to be
  • Vegan broth- 1 or 2 cups (again it depends how liquid you like it to be)
  • 4 big potatoes/diced
  • 2 spoons of curry
  • chopped onion
  • mushrooms
  • cup of frozen veggies
  • salt,paper, seasoning of your choice (f.ex goya blend )
  • vegan/gluten free meat of your choice
  • cilantro
  • rice (if you like as a side dish)



  1.  Cook potatoes,till soft.
  2. Meanwhile cook onion in oil till golden,add mushrooms.
  3. Cook for few minutes.
  4. Add frozen veggies.
  5. Cook additional few minutes.
  6. Add veggie broth and soon after half cup of coconut milk.
  7. Stir well.
  8. Add vegan meat.
  9. Add curry, and other seasonings.
  10. Add potatoes.
  11. Cooked for few more minutes.
  12. Add cilantro.
  13. Enjoy!


2 Replies to “Coconut Curry Stew”

  1. Hi there. What brand or type of curry do you use? Could I use curry paste for this? If so, how much do you think because I know the paste is a more concentrated form of curry and spicier than powder form. I have tried so many brands of curry powder and none of them give me results like those that you would find in authentic curry dish.

    1. Hi Ashley, I am not sure if curry paste would work. Most likely yes. I used polish brand of curry. (I have polish deli near by). But I have used McCormick before and it came out good as well. (I am not big fun of this brand though. I prefer organic companies).

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